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Welcome to CKPC 아동부 (Elementary) ministry!


At CKPC Kids(아동부, Gr.1 - Gr.6) We are committed to helping kids discover who God has created them to become. We do this by creating dynamic programs in a safe and fun environment that are age appropriate and relevant to their world, Our amazing team of volunteers pour their hearts out for the kids in many different ways to create the best hour of the week for kids.


The vision of CKPK Kids Ministry is to lead children toward knowing Jesus Christ as LORD and SAVIOR and to empower, encourage and equip children to be disciples of Christ.(Ephesians 4:13-14)


The core values of CKPC 아동부are 'Atmosphere of Acceptance', 'Biblically based', 'Christ centered', 'Discipleship' and 'Equipping Leaders'.



1 섬기는 이들

  • 지도교역자: 정다운 목사
  • 부장: 한진우 집사
  • 총무: 박소현 집사
  • 회계: 전지인 집사
  • 서기: 최희조 자매
  • 교사김주영, 김나윤, 김제니, 이주연, 박철오, 김동현, 최은진, 오규진, 김예안, 이유진, 송인우, 홍미란, 유은수, 가브리엘 선생님


2 예배시간 및 장소

CKPC kids meet at 11:30AM on Sundays

  • Sunday worship(11:30AM - 12:15PM)
  • Bible studies/activities in small groups(12:15PM - 12:40PM)